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Teeth Whitening

You may be wondering about what you can do to rid teeth of years of stains. The answer is actually rather simple! Viscount Dental Associates offers professional teeth whitening services that will greatly improve your smile while becoming more vibrant. The dream of achieving white, beautiful teeth is possible. Don’t let the color of your teeth result in appearance issues. Viscount Dental Associates offers El Pasoans excellent teeth whitening services. Through whitening, you can rid your teeth of unhealthy plaque buildup. Whitening allows your teeth to shine brighter than ever before. This option is excellent for those who have been dreaming of a beautiful smile. Don’t hesitate to let our team make those whites as pearly as possible!

Professional Teeth Whitening in El Paso

When you visit Viscount Dental Associates for teeth whitening services, the vitality of your teeth will be in the hands of Dr. Ricardo Ramirez, DDS, our highly trained and experienced dentist. Our professional teeth bleaching treatments offer more effective stain removal than over-the-counter products. We also take special care to protect the lining of your gums and guarantee more effective results. Our in-office procedure is 100% safe and whitens the entire surface while penetrating stains in the crevices between the teeth.

The Teeth Whitening Process

Deciding between going to the dentist or using store-bought teeth whitening products is something that many people face. Going to the dentist is the best option for many reasons. For starters, teeth whitening services tend to only last about an hour while store-bought options regularly require some time for true results. The results are quicker and more immediate when you go to the dentist. But what exactly goes into teeth whitening?

Upon your visit to Viscount Dental Associates, you’ll be taken to a comfortable room where a dental assistant will prepare your teeth for their whitening. A liquid dam will be used to isolate the teeth. This is important so your teeth will get the most out of the whitening. Once your teeth and gums are protected, a whitening/bleaching agent will be placed atop the teeth.

After all your teeth are ready to go, the dental professional will place protective shades over your eyes. This is to keep your eyes safe from the bleaching light. The professional will place the light in front of the teeth and turn it on. This light is special because it allows the bleaching agent to get to work! Once the bleaching agent has completed its process, it will be rinsed away and your dental professional will apply fluoride paste. And that’s it! After the service, your teeth will be bright and beautiful.

It’s important to note that teeth bleaching is not a permanent solution, even though the results will be outstanding and leave your teeth bright and shiny. It’s still important to brush your teeth regularly and not skip visits to the dentist.

The Causes of Tooth Discoloration

White and shiny teeth are a great sign of health and vitality but sometimes, life gets in the way of healthy teeth. As we age, our teeth can become discolored due to many different reasons. Everything from genetics and trauma to frequent tobacco use, antibiotics, and certain food and drink can result in stains and discoloration. Even brushing your teeth regularly may not help with keeping your teeth as bright and clean as possible.

Teeth whitening—which may also be referred to as teeth bleaching—yields great results that can last anywhere between six months to two years, depending on your own personal daily upkeep. The best way to make sure your teeth remain bright and beautiful after bleaching is by avoiding red wine, coffee, and tobacco use. These three substances are big culprits responsible for teeth stains. Thanks to multiple clinical studies, teeth bleaching has been shown to be safe. In addition, bleaching will not cause any permanent damage to the enamel or other dental structures.