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The loss of one or more of your teeth can greatly affect your appearance, self-esteem, and overall health. Tooth loss can alter your ability to eat foods normally and may impede your speech. There is, however, a solution for those who are suffering from this type of problem. Viscount Dental Associates offers dental implants, partial dentures, or full dentures to patients in El Paso. To decide which option is right for you, we conduct a full examination using the latest in dental technology. We also offer after-care advice on the continual care and maintenance of your new replacement teeth.

Differentiating Partial from Full Denture Options

Everyone’s mouth and needs are different. Viscount Dental Associates offers options when it comes to dentures. The most common choices for dentures are partial and full. As their names suggest, partial dentures are used to cover partial tooth loss while full dentures replace one’s full set of teeth. Depending on your specific case, your dentist at Viscount Dental Associates will offer you the best denture options.

Partial Dentures

This option is an excellent choice for those whose mouths are missing one tooth or more. If you’d like to avoid surgery and dental implants, then partials may be your best choice. Partials can bring back the look of natural teeth to your mouth without there having to be a single cut or surgery. Partials are a great first choice for anyone who’s missing just one or a few teeth. We recommend this option when one or more natural teeth remain in the upper or lower part of the jaw.

Partials are removable and have internal attachments that help prevent other teeth from shifting. Since this option is only “partial,” it will use the remaining natural teeth as anchors for the dentures. Since partials look and feel like regular teeth, people will more than likely not be able to tell you’re even wearing them! Since you still have some natural teeth left, the difference will be unnoticeable. If surgery and implants aren’t an option, or if your gums and jaw aren’t good candidates for implants, then partials may just be the way to go.

Full Dentures

As we age, we may lose some or all of our teeth. Since older patients may be apprehensive to surgery and implants, full dentures are often the best option. This choice is designed to replace an entire set of teeth. Old age isn’t the only culprit of complete tooth loss. Complete tooth loss can also occur to people who have experienced major trauma to the mouth or severe disease. Complete tooth loss can also make it impossible for individuals to get dental implants at all. This is where full dentures come into play.

It may take multiple fittings in order to ensure the quality and fit of your dentures. Well-fitting dentures will be the most comfortable and will ensure the best results for your health and appearance. These are easy to take care of and will look as good as natural teeth. It is important, however, to exercise caution when eating and cleaning dentures. Your dental professional will let you know exactly how you should care for your new full dentures.